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This is a joke.

”The Ultimate Weapon – Teamwork”.

Well it could be if the developers let us, the users, create squads the Battlefield 3 way.

Today it´s nearly impossible to play together with your friends in Battlefield 4 because the only way to team up is by joining a session in progress. Well not so easy when all the servers are full. I have played the Battlefield series for ages and I really like the concept but with Battlefield 4 the joy is gone.

Battlefield answers a users question on their Facebook page:

”We have a new feature in Battlefield 4 where a new squad is created when a friend joins your game. You can toggle this operation on or off by going into the options menu. We´re not offering the old squad join feature because we didn´t feel that the feature in Battlefield 3 was on par with the quality the we wanted to offer our players. We have no plans to add it in the future.”

If you want to know more about this check out DICE Not Planning To Add Pre-Game Squad Feature To Battlefield 4.

That´s why I hate Battlefield 4.