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Det verkar som om Expansys hade fått den eventuella prisbilden helt om bakfoten. Nedan är ett officiellt uttalande från företaget:

To everyone who has pre-registered the X-Pro 1, Thank you very much for your interest. Unfortunately when this product went live on it had an expected price, which many of you will have noticed seemed much lower than expected. This price was incorrect, and was the estimated price for the X-Pro 1 body alone, and not the complete kit with 35mm f1/4 lens. The price should not have been set at this stage as we haven’t had confirmation from the supplier on an idea of the cost price. Our expectations are that the actual price will be at least circa 25-30% higher. We apologise for any misunderstanding and incovenience our mistake may have caused; it’s important to us not to mislead our customers. This was due to a genuine error, and we removed the price from our site as soon as we realised the mistake in order to prevent further confusion. As always with pre-registation and pre-orders, no money was taken from anyone who placed an order, and we will write to everyone with the launch price and when stock will arrive. Only once a pre-order has been confirmed at this point and the goods are ready to be dispatched will anyone’s cards be charged. Once again our apologies for any annoyance or frustration this may have caused, we will share further details on the X-Pro 1 when we have them.

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